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10.06.13 "Construction of the railway line Shalkar-Beineu."

“Zhersu Metal” factory signed an agreement for production of steel structures for the second pha...

10.06.13 “Zhersu Metal”

“Zhersu Metal” Joint Stock Company launched a new version of the site.


Steel structures for civil engineering

Our factory carries out production of metal structures for civil purposes the following items for ...

Metal structures for reinforced concrete pillars of 10-500 kV

These metal structures are designed to fix insulating suspension, electrical equipment and other parts...

Antenna support

The antenna support is a freestanding spatial rod designed in the form of a regular pyramid, the top...

About Company


About the Company

   “Zhersu Metal” JSC is a modern plant for the production of all types of steel structures. We produce steel structures for the electric power industry from 35 kV up to 1150 kV: power transmission towers, steel portals for electrical substations, steel structures for substation sets, metal crossbars for reinforced concrete supports. In addition, we have extensive experience in manufacturing of metal structures for civil contsruction: beams, columns, trusses, etc.

   The plant was commissioned in 2008 and is equipped with the latest technology in metal processing from the leaders of the world production. At the organization of production - priority was given to the advanced technological equipment manufactured by leading foreign companies, such as: «Ficep» (Italy), «LVD Company» (Belgium), «Dr.Hochetrad» (Germany), «Stem Doo» (Slovenia) Ltd. "WeberComechanic" (Russia).

   The plant has a shot-blasting machine (with no analogues in Kazakhstan) for the preparation of metal surfaces prior to painting, which allows for the most precise level of roughness, which ensures the strength and durability of anti-corrosion coating.

   To implement the corrosion protection of metal at the factory “Zhersu Metal”, there is used a unique method of "cold galvanizing" with adding of specially designed paints containing zinc. The warranty period for the anti-corrosion coating is from 15 to 30 years, depending on operating conditions.

  Production capacity of the factory is 20,000 tons of finished products per year. The company is staffed by experienced engineers and technical staff (about 180 people). Project department of the enterprise on its own provides the design of typical structures with the development of drawings, as well as the development of individual projects. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of the design office of our factory, we have successfully carry out the design of complex steel building structures for subsequent fabrication and commissioning.

The plant implemented the international quality management system ISO 9001-2000.