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ServicesAnti-corrosion treatment of metal structures and painting galvanized


10.06.13 "Construction of the railway line Shalkar-Beineu."

“Zhersu Metal” factory signed an agreement for production of steel structures for the second pha...

10.06.13 “Zhersu Metal”

“Zhersu Metal” Joint Stock Company launched a new version of the site.


Steel structures for civil engineering

Our factory carries out production of metal structures for civil purposes the following items for ...

Metal structures for reinforced concrete pillars of 10-500 kV

These metal structures are designed to fix insulating suspension, electrical equipment and other parts...

Antenna support

The antenna support is a freestanding spatial rod designed in the form of a regular pyramid, the top...

Services for corrosion protection of steel structures

High corrosion resistance and durability of steel transmission towers is one of the conditions of uninterrupted power supply. However, when they are subjected to severe exploitation of climatic stress - effects of precipitation, solar radiation, aggressive atmosphere with a wide margin of fluctuations in temperature and humidity, leading to corrosion and gradual destruction of the structures.

A modern way of protecting steel structures in the energy sector is the method of "cold" galvanizing - drawing on metal paint compositions containing zinc as an anti-corrosive additive of special quality (zinc-filled composition and aluminum-filled composition). Layer thickness is from 30 to 150 microns.

Before coating, it is necessary to prepare the metal surface.

To clean the surface of the parts for corrosion-resistant coating, a special blasting machines is installed at the factory:

1. For cleaning of welded assemblies and big-size beams, a blasting inhabited chamber of Russian production is used.

2. For the processing of parts such as angle, channel length from 0.5 m to 12 m, a special camera is installed (Slovenia). Processing is performed in a continuous manner by six shot blast unit at different angles to the work surface.

3. To clean small-size parts up to 700 mm a shot-blasting machine drum production of Slovenia is used.