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Floodlight masts and lightning rods for 35-500kV substation

Floodlight masts of the mark PMS and freestanding lightning rods of the mark MS are designed for lighting and lightning protection of outdoor switchgear of electric substations of 35-500 kV.

Floodlight mats are made ​​of prefabricated welded blocks with upper searchlight sites. Depending on the height of the barrel, floodlight masts consist of different number of blocks. To operate the lighting towers, inside the unit there are the device platforms and running stairs.

Free-standing lightning rods as opposed to the floodlight towers are performed without pads for mounting lights and no stairs.

Depending on the height, the barrels consist of different blocks, namely:

21 meters masts
3 blocks
28 meters masts
4 blocks
35 meters masts
5 blocks
45 meters masts
6 blocks