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Manufactures Hydraulic

«Zhersu Metal» JSC manufactures hydraulic locks of cell type used in pumping stations and treatment plants. Hydraulic locks serve to regulate the inflow of wastewater in the channels at great depths, and wherever frame seal water is below the floor level (deep wells, chambers, etc.).

Hydraulic locks are made of welded metal sheets and cold-formed profiles. The frame is made of channel bars and has four rollers, boosting the lock to the profile rubber seals (transverse and longitudinal) when hit to wedges. Construction from the inflow gate side is enhanced. The upper part of the frame has water seal bearing, which is a trapezoidal screw, the upper portion of which is connected to the drive shaft. The drive shaft, derived up with consoles and supports, has the ending, which is attached manual or motorized. When installing the hydraulic locks at a depth greater than 3 - 4 meters, screws consisting of two-meter intervals, as well as directing the console, attached to the wall of the chamber are used. Drive seal water can be manual (knob, crank) or mechanical (electrical motor and gearbox). Control of hydraulic locks may be operated manually via the local switch, or remotely by a central computer.