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Antenna support

The antenna support is a freestanding spatial rod designed in the form of a regular pyramid, the top of which is prismatic. There are 3-sided and 4-sided towers. Typical antenna support is designed in six sizes - 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 meters using sections each 10 meters high. At the same time support of 40 and 50 meters height are formed by the addition of 10-foot sections to support t of 30 meters height, and supports of 70 and 80 meters – by adding sections to support of 60 meters height.

Antenna support include:

  • Structural elements required for the installation of cable facilities, light shielding, and antenna equipment.
  • A swing arm for 4 fixed positions, capacity of 300 kg, provided for lifting tools, cable, antenna equipment, etc. during operation and repair.
  • Adder for lifting required for operating. The design provides seating area, which is located every 10 meters.
  • Grounds maintenance equipment made by taking into account the work of the two installers on the primary and one on a simplified installer markets.