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35-1150kV intermediate steel supports

Intermediate direct support are installed in straight lines. At intermediate supports with hanging insulators, there wires are fixed in the supporting garlands hanging vertically, on supports with pin insulators binding - wire with a wire stitch. In both cases, the intermediate supports carrying horizontal loads from the wind pressure on the wire and on the vertical support and - the weight of conductors, insulators and its own weight.

  • Intermediate support for 35 kV type P35;
  • Intermediate support for 110 kV type P110, SS110;
  • Intermediate support for 220 kV type P220, PS220;
  • Intermediate support for 330 kV type P330, PS330;
  • Intermediate guyed towers for 500 kV of type PB, PP500, PS;
  • Intermediate guyed towers to 1,150 kV type POG 1150.