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35-1150kV anchor-angular steel supports

Angular supports are set at angles of rotation of line with the suspension wires in supporting garlands. In addition to the loads acting on the intermediate direct support, intermediate and anchor-tension towers perceive as the stress of the transverse components of tension wires and cables. When the angles of rotation of line power are more than 20 ° of angular towers of intermediate weight increases significantly. At large angles of rotation anchor-tension towers are set. 

When installing the anchor supports on straight track and suspension wires from both sides of the support with the same horizontal longitudinal tension load balanced wires and anchor support works the same way as the intermediate, i.e. accept only horizontal and vertical transverse load. If necessary, the wires and the one on the other side of the pad can pull from a variety of wire tension. In this case, besides the horizontal and vertical shear loads will act on the support longitudinal horizontal load. When installing the anchor supports at the corners, anchor-angular supports also perceive the burden of the transverse components of tension wires and cables.

Here are the main types of anchor-angular supports:

  • anchor-angular supports for 35 kV type U35;
  • anchor-angular-transitional supports for the 35 kV type UAP35;
  • anchor-angular supports for 110 kV overhead lines such as U110, US110;
  • anchor-angular supports for 220 kV type U220, US220;
  • anchor-angular supports for 330 kV type U330, US330;
  • anchor-angular tricycle freestanding support for the 500 kV type V2 US500;
  • anchor-angular tricycle freestanding supports for 1,150 kV type U1150.